Word Whizzle Bear Answers

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Word Whizzle Bear Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 771: Take Measure : Mile Pound Carat Fathom Quart

Level 772: Under Your Feet : Sole Ground Socks Grass Shoes

Level 773: Stop : Close Cutoff Block Cease Bar

Level 774: Greece : Myth Deity Athens Homer Polis

Level 775: Contains “He” : Where Tithe Sheik Cartwheel

Level 776: Places To Party : Rave Disco House Beach Ball

Level 777: African Countries : Kenya Lesotho Egypt Tanzania

Level 778: On A Flag : Star Crest Cross Emblem Leaf

Level 779: Laundry : Bleach Dryer Cycle Detergent

Level 780: Tree Foods : Olive Pear Apple Almond

Level 781: Dentist : Cavity Chair Drill Filling

Level 782: Music Adjectives : Ditty Upbeat Melodic Funky

Level 783: Places : Spain Site Italy Here City

Level 784: Cartoons : Animated Drawn Funny Kids

Level 785: Occupations : Baker Nurse Lawyer Manager

Level 786: New York : Taxis Pizza Brooklyn Yankees

Level 787: Contains “Ew” : Views Jewel Sewer Noblewomen

Level 788: By Your Bed : Lamp Table Book Alarm Glass

Level 789: Bugs : Mites Flies Roach Louse Aphid

Level 790: On Ice : Frost Store Crack Drink Skate

Level 791: Words With Numbers In Them : Phone Eaten Phonemic Artwork

Level 792: Tennis : Deuce Fault Love Serve Set

Level 793: Around A Boat : Ripples Water Rudder Buoys

Level 794: Two “Gs” : Gorge Georgia Gauge Garage

Level 795: Movement Verbs : Lift Carry Crawl Hurl Dance

Level 796: In Your Home : Table Range Chair Bathroom

Level 797: All About Bubbles : Floating Light Water Soap

Level 798: Financial Markets : Forex Bond Trader Nasdaq

Level 799: Foreign : Strange External Overseas

Level 800: Words That Start A Conversation : How Which What Where Hello

Old Version

771. Words That Start a Conversation: hello howdy would which where

772. Foreign: alien there space other apart

773. Financial Markets: share stock trade bonds forex

774. All About Bubbles: float blown water light space

775. In Your Home: attic child chair stove table

776. Movement Verbs: dance leave crawl carry squat

777. Two Gs: agogo baggy gauge gorge graph

778. Around a Boat: buoys water waves ocean trout

779. Tennis: court serve break fault deuce

780. Words with Numbers in Them: often money tense eaten phone

781. On Ice: skate drink crack store frost

782. Bugs: aphid louse roach flies mites

783. By Your Bed: glass alarm light table chest

784. Contains EW: askew screw sewer jewel views

785. New York Bronx: crowd apple pizza taxis

786. Occupations: pilot miner judge nurse baker

787. Cartoons: strip color funny drawn youth

788. Places: state there Italy point Spain

789. Music Adjectives: funky march heavy disco ditty

790. Dentist: teeth clean drill chair worry

791. Tree Foods: pecan apple acorn fruit olive

792. Laundry: stain clean cycle dryer shirt

793. On a Flag: stars color cross white crest

794. African Countries: Sudan Egypt Niger Libya Kenya

795. Places to Party: hotel beach house disco dance

796. Contains HE: niche sheik hefty tithe where

797. Greece polis Homer altar deity arena

798. Stop: pause cease block letup close

799. Under Your Feet: grass soles socks earth heels

800. Take Measure: quart meter carat pound liter

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