Word Whizzle Big Foot Answers

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Word Whizzle Big Foot Answers

Level 1071: Beatnik Lit : Burroughs Ferlinghetti Howl

Level 1072: International Dining : Trattoria Dolmades Latke

Level 1073: Big Words : Considerable Voluminous

Level 1074: Big-Screen Killers : Krueger Leatherface Jigsaw

Level 1075: Nature’S Blooms : Edelweiss Lilac Aconitum

Level 1076: Make A Wish : Well Fountain Birthday

Level 1077: Yummy! : Pfeffernusse Clafoutis

Level 1078: Up North For Most : Arctic Greenland Siberia

Level 1079: Sounds Like Yiddish : Farfetched Svelte Megahertz

Level 1080: Men In Tights : Baryshnikov Superman Batman

Level 1081: A Type Of Peace : Pacification Conciliation

Level 1082: Mythological Myth-Makers : Orpheus Ixion Prometheus

Level 1083: Good Advice : Feedback Forewarning Input

Level 1084: “M”Ixed Words : Middleweight Monkeyshines

Level 1085: You’Ve Got One : Duodenum Cochlea Pharynx

Level 1086: Ancient Name Game : Circe Priam Athena Odysseus

Level 1087: Being Funny : Pratfall Falstaff Wisecrack

Level 1088: French Dressing : Lacroix Chanel Dior Gautier

Level 1089: Thousand Island : Cagayancillo Zapara Azkaban

Level 1090: Shakespearean Geography : Ephesus Arden Inverness

Level 1091: Inventive Italian : Anemometer Piano Torricelli

Level 1092: Double “B”S : Hobbledehoy Gobbledygook

Level 1093: Extraordinary Measures : Quindecagon Incubation

Level 1094: He Saw God : Solomon Balaam Gideon Enoch

Level 1095: American Men Of War : Schwarzkopf Pershing Patton

Level 1096: A Beautiful “Ind” : Indicium Qindar Cylindrical

Level 1097: Battlefields : Cajamarca Leipzig Hastings

Level 1098: Pay The “Bill” : Billeted Dishabille Billowy

Level 1099: More Than Is Needed : Superfluent Repetitious

Level 1100: World Travel : Cotopaxi Balzers Lugano Faro

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