Word Whizzle Camel Answers

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Word Whizzle Camel Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 341: That Scares Me! : Monster Water Dark Death Bugs

Level 342: It’S On Your Head : Hat Crown Braid Tiara Bun

Level 343: Loud : Noisy Rowdy Intense Raucous

Level 344: The Refrigerator : Fan Butter Condiment Bulb

Level 345: It’S Electric : Lightning Lamp Laptop Prius

Level 346: Under The Car Hood : Motor Belt Battery Radiator

Level 347: Things That Are Round : Circle Orbit Pizza Oval Ring

Level 348: Christmas : Caroler Santa Joy Gifts Holly

Level 349: The “King’S” English : Realm Reign Castle Feudal

Level 350: For Kids? : Cartoon Toy Nap Playground

Level 351: At The Parade : Treats Waves Kids Float Flag

Level 352: That’S A Fowl! : Pheasant Goose Quail Grouse

Level 353: The Newsstand : Tribune Vogue News Time

Level 354: ____ Salad : Tossed Wedge Green Egg Cobb

Level 355: Electronics : Television Ipad Phone Tablet

Level 356: Anxious : Scared Nervous Jittery Jumpy

Level 357: The Ktichen : Range Dishes Cook Casserole

Level 358: On A Lady : Wig Blush Skirt Heels Purse

Level 359: It’S Read : Textbook Saga Book Pamphlet

Level 360: U.S. Presidents : Nixon Obama Lincoln Ford

Level 341 . From the cow Cheese Milk Meat Cream

Level 342 . It has stripes Zebra Tiger Racecar

Level 343 . World Rivers Nile Amazon Thames Ganges Po

Level 344 . Farm Equipment Plow Tractor Baler Forklift

Level 345 . Dance the night away Waltz Disco Swing Boogie

Level 346 . White Cloud Cotton Dove Milk Pearl

Level 347 . Things with Wings Plane Mansion Hospital Angel

Level 348 . Listening to Music Speaker Track Ear iPod Tune

Level 349 . That’s hot Chile Sun Trend Coffee Fire

Level 350 . In a shell Snail Yolk Crab Oyster Turtle

Level 351 . Fractions Half Quarter Third Fifth

Level 352 . In Love Crush Date Steady Passion

Level 353 . World Wide Web Facebook Google Youtube

Level 354 . It can be tied Knot Ribbon Game Bow Rope

Level 355 . In a gym Weights Treadmill Sweat

Level 356 . Eat your veggies Celery Tomato Carrot Beet Pea

Level 357 . Rainstorm Umbrella Wet Puddle Mud Cloud

Level 358 . The Bathroom Shower Towel Shampoo Curtain

Level 359 . Animal Homes Den Nest Burrow Warren Kennel

Level 360 . Physics vocabulary Atom Ion Mass Anode Velocity

For version 1.0.3 and up:

341. Bicycle Parts: tire chain handlebar fork rim

342. Building Material: cement stucco brick tile wood

343. Underwear: tights tshirt bra briefs slip

344. Garden Tools: rake mower shears shovel hoe

345. Inside Your Car: gauge clutch visor seat clock

346. On a Job Application: skills zip age reference name

347. Natural Clothing: wool linen silk suede cotton

348. Downtown: billboard litter bus billboard

349. I eat there: Diner Deli Bakery Bistro Pub

350. In Boxes: Crossword Cereal Pizza Mail

351. Parts of a Boat: Deck Sail Mast Stern Rudder

352. A Lot: Many Much Tons Bundle Bunch

353. Geography Tools Compass Map Globe Atlas

354. A Runner’s Life Marathon Race Track Cramps

355. How scientific: Chemistry Physics Biology

356. Visual Art: Sculpture Draw Paint Collage

357. Swimming: Paddle Goggles Stroke Water

358. Languages of the World: Mandarin Arabic English

359. In a Pickle: Jiffy Hurry Second

360. Fast Food: Pizza Burger Fries Taco

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