Word Whizzle Cat Answers

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Word Whizzle Cat Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 221: It Gives Light : Flame Bulb Lamp Sun

Level 222: World Currencies : Peso Pound Euro Yen

Level 223: Dog Breeds : Husky Collie Boxer

Level 224: On The Map : East Roads West Key

Level 225: Found In A Sentence : Noun Adverb Verb

Level 226: Famous Artists : Warhol Monet Dali

Level 227: Frugal : Cheap Tight Stingy

Level 228: Major Oceans : Pacific Atlantic

Level 229: Dance Styles : Salsa Tap Ballet

Level 230: At The Restaurant : Waiter Pasta Tip

Level 231: Under ___ : Tow Way Wear Side

Level 232: Computer Parts : Modem Screen Mouse

Level 233: Baked Goods : Bread Pie Cookie

Level 234: Sounds : Thud Sigh Pop Hum

Level 235: European Languages : Danish Greek

Level 236: Carmakers : Ford Audi Ferrari

Level 237: Birthstones : Opal Sapphire Ruby

Level 238: Fashion Brands : Dior Versace Gucci

Level 239: Herbs : Thyme Saffron Dill

Level 240: Travel By … : Jet Taxi Train Van

Level 221 . Act quickly Abrupt Hasty Hurry

Level 222 . Female first names Mary Beth Ann Sue

Level 223 . Odd numbers One Nine Five Seven

Level 224 . Farm animals Pig Cow Horse Sheep

Level 225 . Go have a drink at the Bar Pub Tavern

Level 226 . Animal babies Chick Cub Lamb Pup

Level 227 . Emotions Happy Sad Angry

Level 228 . School subjects Math History Drama

Level 229 . European auto manufacturers Fiat Audi BMW Saab

Level 230 . Greek alphabet Alpha Delta Beta

Level 231 . Parts of a house Door Roof Wall Eave

Level 232 . In the classroom Desk Globe Teacher

Level 233 . Christmas colors Red Green White

Level 234 . StPatrick’s Day Clover Lucky Green

Level 235 . In the kitchen Pan Glass Plate

Level 236 . Body parts used as verbs Mouth Face Arm Hand

Level 237 . Household appliances Iron Fridge Vacuum

Level 238 . Nationalities Dutch Irish Swiss

Level 239 . Animal sounds Buzz Roar Bark Baa

Level 240 . On the Web JPEG Google Link

For version 1.0.3 and up:

221. under… wear: way tow

222. Computer Parts: screen modem mouse

223. Baked Goods: pie cookie bread

224. Sounds: sigh thud hum

225. European Languages: greek danish

226. Carmakers: porsche ford honda

227. Birthstones: emerald opal ruby

228. Fashion Brands: chanel dior gucci

229. Herbs: parsley basil dill

230. Travel by : plane bus train car

231. It Gives Light: bulb flame lamp sun

232. World Currencies: pound peso yen euro

233. Dog Breeds: husky boxer collie

234. On the Map: roads key west

235. Found in a Sentence: adverb verb noun

236. Famous Artists: dali warhol monet

237. “Frugal”: tight cheap stingy

238. Major Oceans: atlantic pacific

239. Dance Styles: salsa ballet tap

240. At the Restaurant: pasta waiter tip

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