Word Whizzle Centaur Answers

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Word Whizzle Centaur Answers

Level 1041: Man Of _____ : Distinction Steel War God

Level 1042: Sleeping : Circadian Dormant Delta

Level 1043: Critters : Mudpuppies Basilisk Tamarin

Level 1044: Former U.S. Capitals : Charleston Tucson Knoxville

Level 1045: Exploring Antarctica : Amundsen Scott Hillary Ross

Level 1046: Novel Characters : Lestat Crusoe Scout Zhivago

Level 1047: Found With Bag : Saddle Sleeping Punching

Level 1048: _____ Race : Rat Drag Presidential Human

Level 1049: “G” Whiz! : Glockenspiel Guardianship

Level 1050: Seeing Stars : Eridanus Aldebaran Cygnus

Level 1051: Ancient History : Plebeian Hittites Babylon

Level 1052: Noisemakers : Percussions Euphonium

Level 1053: To The “Nth” Degree : Labyrinthine Lycanthropic

Level 1054: In The Dictionary : Singultus Gantry Befuddled

Level 1055: “B”S On Both Ends : Breadcrumb Beachcomb Bedaub

Level 1056: Nonsense Words : Tomfoolery Balderdash Tripe

Level 1057: More Homophone Pairs : Stationery Complement Cloze

Level 1058: Vision : Peripheral Mirage Aperture

Level 1059: Pharmacology : Depressants Toxicologist

Level 1060: Ends In “Ff” : Quarterstaff Hippogriff

Level 1061: Around The Castle : Portcullis Dovecote Rampart

Level 1062: Trouble With Your Body : Dysphagia Hernia Apnea Fever

Level 1063: Rhymes With Rest : Dispossessed Acquiesced

Level 1064: “V”Erbs : Visualize Value Vary Vacate

Level 1065: Native American Folklore : Thunderbird Calumet Totem

Level 1066: Double D Words : Nonaddictive Misaddressed

Level 1067: American Civil War : Confederate Succession

Level 1068: Health & Medicine : Tuberculosis Cholesterol

Level 1069: The Ancient Writing On The Wall : Hieroglyphic Cuneiform

Level 1070: What A Gem! : Moonstone Jade Emerald

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