Word Whizzle Chicken Answers

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Word Whizzle Chicken Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 21: Exotic Fruit : Kumquat

Level 22: Little : Tiny Wee

Level 23: Dinnerware : Fork Cup

Level 24: Weekday : Tuesday

Level 25: Modes Of Transport : Bus Auto

Level 26: Spring Months : May June

Level 27: Beyond Earth : Star Sun

Level 28: Sit On It : Lounger

Level 29: Facial Features : Nose Brow

Level 30: Often Served At Breakfast : Pancake

Level 31: At The Seashore : Shell Sand

Level 32: Contains Three Points : Triangle

Level 33: Colors In The Sky : Rainbow

Level 34: Cheerful : Happy Glad

Level 35: Human Joints : Elbow Knee

Level 36: At The Breakfast Table : Coffee Egg

Level 37: Extremities : Arm Foot

Level 38: Worn On The Neck : Pendant

Level 39: Shirt : Tunic Tee

Level 40: Musical Insect : Cricket

Level 21 . Body Parts hand foot

Level 22 . On the beach Sand Shell

Level 23 . Month January

Level 24 . Small creatures fly ant

Level 25 . Weapons Gun Knife

Level 26 . Jewelry Ring Watch

Level 27 . On your face lips nose

Level 28 . Small tiny mini

Level 29 . Happy glad

Level 30 . Vehicle car truck

Level 31 . Clothes shirt coat

Level 32 . In Space star mars

Level 33 . Geometric Shapes cube oval

Level 34 . Weekday Tuesday

Level 35 . Human Bones Femur Knee

Level 36 . Eating utensil spoon fork

Level 37 . In the home sofa chair

Level 38 . Citrus fruit lime lemon

Level 39 . Colors Red Blue

Level 40 . Breakfast food eggs bacon

For version 1.0.3 and up:

21. Colors in the Sky: blue white

22. On the beach: sand shell

23. Extremities: finger toe

24. Morning Sounds: alarm bird

25. Human Joints: knee ankle

26. “Cheerful”: happy

27. Women’s Shirt: blouse

28. Four-Sided Shape: square

29. Worn on the Neck: scarf

30. Often Served at Breakfast: sausage

31. Facial Features: chin eyes

32. Things You Sit On: seat stool

33. Beyond Earth: mars comet

34. Spring Months: May April

35. Modes of Transport: train taxi

36. Weekend Day: sunday

37. Dinnerware: plate cup

38. “Tiny”: small little

39. Tart Fruit: lemon

40. Insects: ant roach

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