Word Whizzle Chimpanzee Answers

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Word Whizzle Chimpanzee Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 361: Parts Of A Boat : Sail Stern Rudder Stern Mast

Level 362: A Lot : Heaps Many Tons Mass Bunch

Level 363: Geography Tools : Key Compass Chart Atlas

Level 364: A Runner’S Life : Pace Blister Track Cramps

Level 365: How Scientific : Astronomy Chemistry Biology

Level 366: Visual Art : Sketch Scultpure Collage

Level 367: Swimming : Flippers Water Paddle Stroke

Level 368: Languages Of The World : Hebrew French Mandarin

Level 369: In A : Rush Pickle Flash Second

Level 370: Fast Food : Burger Pizza Burrito Fries

Level 371: Bicycle Parts : Tire Fork Spoke Handlebar Rim

Level 372: Building Material : Pine Concrete Brick Tile

Level 373: Underwear : Tshirt Tights Slip Boxers Bra

Level 374: Garden Tools : Mower Spade Hoe Clippers Rake

Level 375: Inside Your Car : Mirror Radio Pedal Seat Dash

Level 376: On A Job Application : Name Skill Age Experience Zip

Level 377: Natural Clothing : Silk Leather Linen Wool Suede

Level 378: Downtown : Traffic People Building Bus

Level 379: I Eat There! : Café Bistro Pub Diner Bakery

Level 380: In Boxes : Pizza Crossword Cereal Meail

Level 361 . Australian Animals Koala Wallaby Joey Dingo Emu

Level 362 . Huge Enormous Gigantic Colossal

Level 363 . In the orchestra Cello Violin Oboe Piano Gong

Level 364 . Habitats Desert Forest Tundra Wetland

Level 365 . Around the school Office Library Gym Principal

Level 366 . Community helpers Cop Vet Firefighter Nurse

Level 367 . On your hard drive Files Software Download Byte

Level 368 . Light and Sound Ray Echo Shadow Pitch Beam

Level 369 . Recipe procedures Slice Stir Mix Measure Boil

Level 370 . Volcanoes Erupt Lava Dormant Ash Hot

Level 371 . That’s funny Joke Comedian Pun Cartoon

Level 372 . Cities in Europe Paris Berlin Madrid Rome

Level 373 . The Tool shed Hammer Wrench Chisel Nails

Level 374 . Roadways Street Lane Interstate Route

Level 375 . At school we Read Learn Write Listen Sing

Level 376 . On a shopping list Sugar Eggs Bread Cereal Milk

Level 377 . New Year’s Eve Party Drinks Countdown Kiss

Level 378 . Vacation Passport Flight Resort Hotel

Level 379 . Con____ join found verse vex vey

Level 380 . On a belt Gun Asteroid Notch Buckle

For version 1.0.3 and up:

361. At the Parade: Waving Candy Kids Floats Fun

362. That’s a fowl: Goose Chicken Quail Duck

363. The Newsstand: Vogue Papers Change Time

364. _____ Salad: Green Caesar Egg Chicken Cob

365. Electronics: Phone Television Tablet

366. Anxious: Nervous Antsy Fearful Jumpy

367. The Kitchen: Dishes Oven Casserole Chef

368. On a Lady: Makeup Wig Dress Heels Purse

369. It’s Read: Novel Textbook Book Brochure

370. U.S Presidents: Obama Clinton Lincoln Bush

371. That scares me: Water Flying Dark Death Bugs

372. It’s on your head: Crown Helmet Hair Tiara Scalp

373. Loud: Rowdy Noisy Intense Roaring

374. The Refrigerator: Butter Fan Leftovers Produce

375. It’s Electric Power: Lightning Robot Prius

376. Under the Car: Hood Belt Engine Battery Dipstick

377. Things That Are Round: Earth Circle Pizza Bagel Ring

378. Christmas: Santa Carols Joy Gift Holly

379. The King’s: English Reign Realm Feudal Castle

380. For kids?: Playground Cartoon Toy Nap

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