Word Whizzle Dinosaur Answers

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Word Whizzle Dinosaur Answers

Level 981: A La Mode : Sundae Milkshake Cone Float

Level 982: In The Air Up There : Clouds Ozone Methane Rain

Level 983: From “P” To “P” : Plump Penmanship Paperclip

Level 984: In The Kitchen With “D” : Drippings Dessert Daikon

Level 985: Around The Farm : Corn Silo Acreage Combine

Level 986: In The Ground : Aquifer Worms Basement

Level 987: Weather Report : Sleet Heatwave Sunny Storm

Level 988: With Spirit! : Séance Cheerleader Ghost

Level 989: It’S A Plane! : Boeing Cessna Jet Bomber

Level 990: What’S The Matter? : Solid Liquid Gas Plasma

Level 991: At The Movies : Concessions Feature Credits

Level 992: Party Time! : Shindig Carnival Bash Gala

Level 993: Girl Talk : Women Female Damsel Daughter

Level 994: Cute Nature : Kitten Koala Bunny Duckling

Level 995: “C” Of Love : Cupid Caring Cuddle Couple

Level 996: How Poetic! : Stanza Haiku Couplet Verse

Level 997: From “T” To “T” : Trivet Ticket Taxidermist

Level 998: Good At Sports : Gretzky Jordan Pele Ruth

Level 999: “Ace” In The Hole : Menace Placebo Complacent

Level 1000: Island Living : Sand Tourists Breeze Sun Rain

Level 1001: Fashionable Names : Hilfiger Klein Dolce Wintour

Level 1002: Communication : Speech Phone Media Email

Level 1003: Festive Food : Stollen Stuffing Fruitcake

Level 1004: They’Re Winds : Foehn Zephyr Simoom Westerly

Level 1005: With A Tail : Shirt Kite Donkey Criminal

Level 1006: On The Job : Mason Electrician Carpenter

Level 1007: File Under “H” : Hearsay Horticulture Herbal

Level 1008: Playing Cards : Queen Cribbage Pinochle

Level 1009: In A Sentence : Phrase Comma Letter Verbiage

Level 1010: Going Backwards : Countdown Retreat Coxswain

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