Word Whizzle Dolphin Answers

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Word Whizzle Dolphin Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 141: Happens During A Ball Game : Hit Goal Block

Level 142: Car Parts : Door Fender Trunk

Level 143: Cutlery : Fork Knife Spoon

Level 144: Under ___ : Wear Stand Rated

Level 145: In A Bottle : Wine Water Ship

Level 146: Hard Work : Tears Blood Sweat

Level 147: Medical Professions : Physician Surgeon

Level 148: Telling Time : Calendar Sundial

Level 149: It Happens In The Brain : Memory Thinking

Level 150: It Covers You : Insurance Sheet

Level 151: Not Home : Away Gone Astray

Level 152: Things That Smoke : Fire Pipe Volcano

Level 153: Literary Genres : Biography Romance

Level 154: Snack Food : Crackers Pretzels

Level 155: Crustaceans : Lobster Crab Krill

Level 156: Found In A Church : Priest Hymn Prayer

Level 157: In The Dairy Section : Yogurt Swiss Cream

Level 158: Halloween : Treat Mask Makeup

Level 159: Sports : Cricket Rugby Golf

Level 160: Spanish-Speaking Countries : Cuba Chile Bolivia

Level 141 . Cutlery Knife Fork Spoon

Level 142 . Hard work Blood Sweat Tears

Level 143 . In the dairy section Milk Cheddar Curd

Level 144 . Timepieces Watch Clock

Level 145 . Things that smoke Cigar Chimney

Level 146 . In a group Flock Family set

Level 147 . Car parts Hood Trunk Bumper

Level 148 . Sports Hockey Golf Tennis

Level 149 . Crustaceans Shrimp Crab Prawn

Level 150 . Found in a Church Pew Prayer Cross

Level 151 . Literary genres Fiction Mystery

Level 152 . Spanish-speaking countries Spain Mexico Peru

Level 153 . Medical professions nurse Doctor

Level 154 . Common Pets Parrot Fish Collie

Level 155 . It happens during a ballgame Timeout Foul Goal

Level 156 . Snack food Popcorn Chips Dip

Level 157 . Not home Absent Gone Lost

Level 158 . Halloween Costumes Candy

Level 159 . It covers you Insurance Blanket

Level 160 . It happens in the brain Thought Fear Love

For version 1.0.3 and up:

141. Found in a Church: prayer pew cross

142. In the Dairy Section: curd milk cheddar

143. Halloween: candy costumes

144. Sports: golf tennis hockey

145. Spanish-Speaking Countries: mexico spain peru

146. “Not Home”: lost absent gone

147. Things That Smoke: chimney cigar

148. Literary Genres: mystery fiction

149. Snack Food: dip chips popcorn

150. Crustaceans: prawn shrimp crab

151. Hard Work: tears sweat

152. Medical Professions: doctor nurse

153. Timepieces: clock watch

154. It Happens in the Brain: fear love thought

155. It “Covers” You: blanket insurance

156. Happens During a Ballgame: foul goal timeout

157. Car Parts: trunk bumper hood

158. Cutlery: fork spoon knife

159. Trick ______: shot pony

160. In a Bottle: pills ship beer

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