Word Whizzle Elephant Answers

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Word Whizzle Elephant Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 541: Have A Drink : Soda Tea Water Cola Milk

Level 542: In The Desert : Sand Snake Sun Dune Heat

Level 543: Feeling Blue : Azure Navy Aqua Royal Steel

Level 544: It’S Carried : Purse Luggage Baby Mail Pack

Level 545: Clocks : Alarm Cog Cuckoo Dial Hand

Level 546: Noise : Bell Alarm Scream Siren Music

Level 547: On A Lamp : Bulb Chain Switch Shade Plug

Level 548: Chinese New Year : Red Lantern Silk Luck Dragon

Level 549: ___ Time : Night Bed Over Some Mean

Level 550: Things With A Face : Clock Penny Mask Cliff Person

Level 551: Oceans And Seas : Baltic Dead Bering Red Indian

Level 552: On Your Body : Arm Skin Hand Foot Limbs

Level 553: Light It Up : Torch Bulb Fire Match Sun

Level 554: Things That Fall : Night Rain Star Leaf Snow

Level 555: Summer Activities : Diving Swimming Fishing Golf

Level 556: In A Video Game : Score Levels : Mario Hero Coins

Level 557: The Doctor’S Office : Clinic Flu Exam Forms Shot

Level 558: Money : Capital Pay Funds Wad Bread

Level 559: It’S Covered : Mattress Book Nudity Scandal

Level 560: The Salad Bar : Spinach Crouton Olive Tongs

Level 541 . _____Up Sit Give Grow Pick Mess Round

Level 542 . On the Roof Shingle Chimney Snow Santa

Level 543 . Sports Positions Guard Center Goalie Forward

Level 544 . Fat Obese Plump Chunky Lard Husky

Level 545 . Wild Dogs Fox Wolf Dingo Coyote Hyena

Level 546 . On the Restaurant Menu Curry Steak Salad Rice Soup

Level 547 . In the Store Aisle Shelf Basket Sale Price

Level 548 . In Your City Avenue Church Subway Bus Bank

Level 549 . Stormy Weather Rain Hail Snow Sleet Fog Wind

Level 550 . 1 Arts and Humanities Drama History Music Theology

Level 551 . Plant Life Tree Herb Flower Weed Ivy Moss

Level 552 . Pleasant Smells Perfume Rose Cologne Incense

Level 553 . Hotels and Accommodations Lobby Vacancy Sauna Suite Gym

Level 554 . The Pharmacy Aspirin Soap Medicine Razor

Level 555 . At the Checkout Counter Cashier Till Credit Receipt

Level 556 . Common Adjectives Big Fast Good Slow Loud Soft

Level 557 . Names in Science Newton Curie Galileo Hawking

Level 558 . Metals Brass Tin Iron Lead Zinc Steel

Level 559 . Female Family Mom Wife Aunt Sister Niece

Level 560 . 1 Mathematical Studies Calculus Trig Tangent Proof

For version 1.0.3 and up:

541. Well-Seasoned: Pepper Summer Autumn Salt

542. Valentine’s Gifts: Card Kiss Ring Hug Candy Heart

543. It’s Shipped: Package Import Cargo Mail

544. Sent through the Air: Germs Airmail Radio Scent

545. In the Rock Band: Bass Keys Drums Singer Guitar

546. That’s Cold: Freezer Revenge Ice Snow

547. In the Bedroom: Lamp Bed Sleeper Sheet Dark

548. Times of Day: Midnight Noon Lunch Morning

549. Travelling By: Boat Ferry Cruise Seasick Cabin

550. Seen At Night: Star Headlight Moth Owl Bat

551. Words Heard in the Kitchen: Toss Fry Boil Salt Simmer Cook

552. Holidays: Halloween Christmas Easter

553. Number: Count Numeral Total Digit Sum

554. Slow Moving: Molasses Turtle Honey Snail

555. That’s Sharp: Mind Knife Cheese Sword Wit

556. Game Night: Risk Poker Bridge Rummy Clue

557. Narrow: Thin Fine Slim Skinny Slender

558. Palindromes: Madam Stats Mom Level Kayak

559. Comes with Bread: Crust Jelly Butter Tuna Jam

560. In the Choir Parts: Tenor Melody Lead Alto

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