Word Whizzle Giraffe Answers

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Word Whizzle Giraffe Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 461: Animal Homes : Burrow Nest Den Kennel Warren

Level 462: World Wide Web : Google Youtube Facebook

Level 463: Listening To Music : Vocals Ipod Track Speaker Mix

Level 464: It Has Stripes : Zebra Racecar Tiger Referee

Level 465: Eat Your Veggies : Pea Tomato Squash Celery Beet

Level 466: In Love : Crush Passion Date Boyfriend

Level 467: It’S White : Cloud Cream Peal Dove Cotton

Level 468: It Can Be Tied : Rope Bow Ribbon Knot Game

Level 469: Things With Wings : Hawk Plane Hospital Mansion

Level 470: At The Airport : Lines Ticket Security Bags

Level 471: Rainstorm : Wet Puddle Cloud Mud Umbrella

Level 472: That’S Hot : Fire Chili Trend Sun Coffee

Level 473: The Tool Shed : Screws Axe Hammer Wrench

Level 474: Volcanoes : Erupt Dormant Hot Ash Lava

Level 475: In The Orchestra : Gong Oboe Cello Violin Piano

Level 476: Community Helpers : Police Vet Nurse Firefighter

Level 477: At School We… : Read Talk Learn Listen Spell

Level 478: On Your Hard Drive : Windows Byte Files Memory

Level 479: Australian Animals : Wallaby Koala Dingo Emu Joey

Level 480: Vacation : Passport Travel Hotel Fun Koala Dingo Emu Joey

Level 480: Vacation Passport Travel Hotel Fun

Level 461 . Playing cards King Spade Jack Ace Numbers

Level 462 . Beachwear Shorts Bikini Sunscreen Hat

Level 463 . Hidden Obscure Secluded Unknown

Level 464 . Winter Sports Skiing Hockey Bobsled

Level 465 . Musical Genres Jazz Rock Pop Dance Classical

Level 466 . Fabric Silk Cotton Wool Denim Nylon

Level 467 . 2 On the Christmas Tree Lights Tinsel Angel Popcorn

Level 468 . Chemical Elements Lead Oxygen Carbon Nitrogen

Level 469 . 6 You can write with that Pencil Pen Chalk Crayon Text

Level 470 . Human Personalities Selfish Grumpy Nave Kind

Level 471 . _____Room Head Bed Motel Board Store

Level 472 . Things found in rows Corn Teeth Chairs Students

Level 473 . Crooked Twisted Curved Winding

Level 474 . 2 Famous American writers Twain Hemingway Frost Poe

Level 475 . Have a seat Chair Throne Stool Sofa Bench

Level 476 . On the Fence Ball Way Road Make

Level 477 . It follows you Shadow Name Footprints

Level 478 . Solitary activities Reading Sudoku Prayer

Level 479 . Composers Mozart Beethoven Verdi Bach

Level 480 . In the dark Bat Owl Moonlight Vampire

For version 1.0.3 and up:

461. Physics Vocabulary: Anode Ion Velocity Atom Mass

462. Roadways: Interstate Street Route Lane

463. Huge: Gigantic Enormous Colossal

464. Cities in Europe: Berlin Rome Madrid Paris

465. Around the School: Gym Library Principal Office

466. Recipe Procedures: Stir Slice Boil Mix Measure

467. New Year’s Eve: Kiss Drinks Party Countdown

468. That’s funny: Pun Joke Cartoon Comedian

469. Light and Sound: Ray Beam Shadow Echo Pitch

470. Con_______: Found Vex Vey Join Verse

471. On a Shopping List: Cereal Bread Sugar Milk Eggs

472. Habitats Wetland: Forrest Desert Tundra

473. On a Belt: Buckle Gun Notch Asteroid

474. It Peels: Label Banana Sunburn Apple

475. Shine It On: Gem Shoe Chrome Sun Star

476. On a Bed: Duvet Pillow Sheet Quilt

477. Magic Show: Awe Tux Trick Cards Hat

478. It Has Scales:Opera Snake Butcher Piano Gym

479. Legendary Sports Names: Jordan Ruth Ali Tyson Woods

480. Appropriate: Proper SANT Good Right Fit

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