Word Whizzle Gorilla Answers

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Word Whizzle Gorilla Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 521: Stormy Weather : Snow Sleet Wind Rain Fog

Level 522: On The Roof : Santa Chimney Shingle Snow

Level 523: Names In Science : Hawking Curie Newton Galileo

Level 524: At The Check Out Counter : Receipt Till Cashier

Level 525: Fat : Heavy Lard Bulky Obese Chunky

Level 526: Arts And Humanities : History Theology Drama Music

Level 527: Female Family : Wife Aunt Niece Mom Sister

Level 528: Hotels And Accomodations : Sauna Suite Gym Lobby Vacancy

Level 529: On The Restaurant Menu : Soup Rice Sandwich Taco Steak

Level 530: Metals : Tin Copper Zinc Silver Lead

Level 531: Plant Life : Moss Shrub Flower Lichen Herb

Level 532: Mathematical Studies : Proof Trig Tangent Calculus

Level 533: Common Adjectives : Soft Fast Slow Good Loud

Level 534: In The Store : Tags Carts Aisle Shelf Sale

Level 535: Carnival : Games Barker Sideshow Rides

Level 536: Retail Workers : Cashier Florist Baker Grocer

Level 537: Places To Shop : Market Boutique Mall Store

Level 538: Exercise : Train Yoga Run Lift Stretch

Level 539: Musical Group : Trio Orchestra Band Choir

Level 540: College : Campus Quad Dorm Coed Gpa

Level 521 . Smoked Foods Ham Bacon Trout Ribs Salmon

Level 522 . It Peels Banana Apple Sunburn Label

Level 523 . Magic Show Wand Trick Hat Tux Cards Awe

Level 524 . Shine It On Sun Glare Shoe Star Gem Chrome

Level 525 . It Waves Ocean Hand Flag Fan Crowd Perm

Level 526 . Restaurant Staff Chef Host Valet Busboy Waiter

Level 527 . Clothing Brands Gucci Prada Levi Armani Izod

Level 528 . Religious Leaders Nun Pope Rabbi Priest Bishop

Level 529 . Legendary Sports Names Ali Ruth Jordan Woods Tyson

Level 530 . On a Bed Quilt Sheet Throw Duvet

Level 531 . Art Studio Clay Light Easel Artist Oils

Level 532 . It Spreads Butter News Flu Blanket Jelly

Level 533 . Appropriate Right TRUE Apt Fit Proper Good

Level 534 . In the Bar Darts Tap Lager Stool Pool Tab

Level 535 . Cheese Swiss Brie Cheddar Bleu Edam

Level 536 . It Has Scales Snake Gym Piano Butcher Opera

Level 537 . Drive Bus Boat Car Truck Auto

Level 538 . It’s Picked Corn Nose Lock Fight Team

Level 539 . Sweet_____ Pea Sorrow Heart Revenge Corn

Level 540 . That’s a “wrap” Pita Turban Scarf Tortilla

For version 1.0.3 and up:

521. Smell Words: Reek Odor Scent Sniff Aroma

522. Jobs in Entertainment: Dancer Actor Singer Musician

523. American Football: Yards Blitz Tackle Punt Down

524. WalkWade: Stroll Amble Limp Ramble

525. Foods Describing the Color: Green Olive Apple Mint Lime

526. Eating: Lunch Supper Snack Dinner

527. Car Body: Parts Bumper Roof Fender Hood Door

528. Water Words: Seep Sea Dew Geyser Canal Bay

529. Cooking Methods: Roast Steam Boil Poach Fry

530. In the Woodshop: Wood Nail Drill Ruler Glue Saw

531. Geometry: Angle Line Area Radius Width

532. Clouds: Stratus Rain Mushroom Cirrus

533. Containers: Urn Sack Dish Bottle Bin Jar

534. Emotional Characteristics: Clever Shy Calm Rude Kind Mean

535. Stringed Instruments: Bass Guitar Viola Banjo Cello

536. Adults Only: Gambling Cigar Whisky Voting

537. Simple: Easy Snap Facile Plain Cinch

538. Found in the Snow: Footprints Flakes Santa Skis

539. Served on Pasta: Alfredo Sauce Cheese Meat

540. Signals: Whistle Snap Alarm Wave

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