Word Whizzle Gull Answers

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Word Whizzle Gull Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 61: Sticky Food : Honey Gum

Level 62: Split : Halve Cut

Level 63: On A Fishing Pole : Bait Line

Level 64: In A Chess Set : King Rook

Level 65: On A Rooster : Feathers

Level 66: Lives Underground : Gopher Rat

Level 67: Water Transportation : Boat Raft

Level 68: After-Dinner Treat : Cake Tart

Level 69: It’s Said : Verb Word

Level 70: Large Instruments : Piano Harp

Level 71: Exercise : Jog Squat

Level 72: On A Tree : Bark Knot

Level 73: To Cook : Broil Bake

Level 74: Worn In The Hair : Barrette

Level 75: Used In The Kitchen : Pan Knife

Level 76: Shoes : Clog Boot

Level 77: On A Ruler : Foot Inch

Level 78: Found At Sea : Whale Boat

Level 79: Types Of Music : Rock Opera

Level 80: At Dusk : Nightfall

Level 61 . Weather Rain Sunny

Level 62 . Amphibian frog toad

Level 63 . On the clock face hands

Level 64 . Inside the body heart lung

Level 65 . Garden critters snail mole

Level 66 . Sports equipment ball net

Level 67 . Very cold frigid ice

Level 68 . Springtime flower sun

Level 69 . To throw heave toss

Level 70 . On the work desk Computer

Level 71 . Candy taffy gum

Level 72 . At the theater usher play

Level 73 . On a book cover name

Level 74 . Sad unhappy

Level 75 . Hot drinks tea coffee

Level 76 . Large mammal horse bear

Level 77 . The farm cows crops

Level 78 . Relaxed resting

Level 79 . Dirt earth soil

Level 80 . On your phone app photos

For version 1.0.3 and up:

61. Winter Gear: mitten hat

62. Found on a Book Cover: title name

63. On a Clock Face: hand eight

64. At the Farm: farmer hay

65. Stereo Equipment: speakers

66. Drinks for a Cold Day: cocoa tea

67. On Your Phone: contacts

68. To Toss: throw hurl

69. Stormy Weather: snow sleet

70. Found in the Garden: weeds hoe

71. A Small Meal: snack

72. “Silent”: quiet hush

73. Springtime: rain grass

74. Marsupial: kangaroo

75. On Stage: actor play

76. Plugged In: cord lamp

77. For the Birds: seeds

78. A Large Animal: elephant

79. On the Work Desk: files tape

80. Inside the Body: blood cell

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