Word Whizzle Horse Answers

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Word Whizzle Horse Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 381: Rodents : Rat Mouse Nutria Hamster

Level 382: Television : Netflix Cable Plasma Screen

Level 383: The Night Sky : Star Crescent Comet Dark Moon

Level 384: Baking : Knead Proof Rise Roll Dough

Level 385: Fishing : Cast Line Sinker Rod Patience

Level 386: In The Hotel : Luggage Guests Rooms Suite

Level 387: Sweet Treats : Syrup Lollipop Gum Candy Pie

Level 388: Telephone : Call Message Text Mobile

Level 389: Criminals : Robber Vandal Fraudster Spy

Level 390: The Forest : Squirrel Hiker Fern Deer Moss

Level 391: Rocks : Stone Granite Marble Flint

Level 392: Shy : Coy Humble Modest Wary Timid

Level 393: People (Non-Family) : Bud Friend Stranger Cohort

Level 394: In The : Dark Zone Moment Loop Way

Level 395: On A Wheel : Traction Rim Tire Rubber

Level 396: In The Hospital : Nurse Surgeon Beds Patient

Level 397: At The Office : Meeting Boss Break Coworker

Level 398: Carpentry Tools : Hammer Drill Vice Chisel Saw

Level 399: Political Office : President Governor Senator

Level 400: Bright : Radiant Shiny Vivid Aglow Lit

Level 381 . It’s a party Gala Banquet Ball Feast

Level 382 . Found in a bank Teller Vault Robber Alarm

Level 383 . Slick Oil Ice Grease Salesman

Level 384 . Sewing Cloth Pins Pattern Thimble

Level 385 . Inside your car Clutch Visor Gauge Seat Clock

Level 386 . Downtown Bus Traffic Litter Billboard

Level 387 . Underwear Bra Slip Tights Briefs Tshirt

Level 388 . Pasta Ravioli Shells Lasagna Penne

Level 389 . Garden tools Hoe Shovel Rake Shears Mower

Level 390 . Health issues Fever Earache Cough Bruise

Level 391 . Building material Brick Cement Tile Wood Stucco

Level 392 . Job application Age Skills Name Reference Zip

Level 393 . Paying bills Credit Account Overdue Cash

Level 394 . Bicycle Parts Chain Rim Fork Handlebar Tire

Level 395 . People in Education Pupil Professor Principal

Level 396 . Types of Schools College University Nursery

Level 397 . Natural Clothing Wool Silk Cotton Suede Linen

Level 398 . Human Teeth Canine Molar Incisor

Level 399 . Makeup Blush Powder Lipstick Rouge

Level 400 . Computer World Apple Twitter Email Facebook

For version 1.0.3 and up:

381. In the Hospital: Surgery Nurse Birth Patient

382. At the Office: Boss Meeting Work Cubicle

383. Carpentry: Tools Saw Hammer Vice Clamp Drill

384. Political Office: Governor Senator Mayor

385. Bright: Shiny Vivid Radiant Sunny Lit

386. In the Hotel: Guests Bellboy Floor Suite

387. Sweet Treats: Lollipop Cake Gum Taffy Pie

388. Telephone: Message Dial Ringtone Mobile

389. Criminals: Vandal Spy Burglar Thief

390. The Forest: Hikers Bear Trees Deer Fern

391. Rocks: Quartz Granite Flint Marble

392. Shy: Coy Bashful Timid Wary Demure

393. People (Non-Family): Pal Friend Stranger Buddy

394. In the: Moment Loop Dark Zone

395. On a Wheel: Rubber Rim Spokes Tread

396. Rodents: Hamster Gerbil Nutria Mouse

397. Television: Cable Streaming Cords Screen

398. The Night Sky: Saturn Star Comet Dark Moon

399. Baking Proof: Flour Rise Yeast Dough

400. Fishing: Line Reel Hook Rod Patience

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