Word Whizzle Monkey Answers

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Word Whizzle Monkey Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 81: Months Abrev : Nov Jan Feb

Level 82: Orderly : Clean Trim

Level 83: Drink : Guzzle Sip

Level 84: Large Bird : Ostrich

Level 85: Young Male : Boy Lad Son

Level 86: Verbs That Move : Walk Go Jog

Level 87: Take A ___ : Hike Bite

Level 88: You Can Drink Out Of It : Jar Cup Can

Level 89: Internet Domains : Net Edu Org

Level 90: It Flies : Kite Plane

Level 91: The Passage Of Time : Week Day

Level 92: It’s New : Current

Level 93: Tiny Bugs : Gnat Ant

Level 94: In The Family : Mom Son Dad

Level 95: On Your Computer : Software

Level 96: It’S Placed On Your Head : Hat Pat Cap

Level 97: Onomatopoeia : Thud Roar

Level 98: Turn It : Wind Twist

Level 99: Outer Edge : Top Tip Rim

Level 100: Young Animal : Cub Chick

Level 81 . In the tree bird leaf

Level 82 . Directions North East

Level 83 . Summertime hot sun

Level 84 . In cold weather icy snow

Level 85 . Green things grass frog

Level 86 . On a keyboard enter tab

Level 87 . On a car door wiper

Level 88 . You can roll it ball dice

Level 89 . In the desert dunes sand

Level 90 . Playing pool cue rack

Level 91 . In a bar smoke beer

Level 92 . For the gardener hoe manure

Level 93 . Back_____ seat door

Level 94 . It’s sweet sugar

Level 95 . Legal terms trial jury

Level 96 . Used during war tank bomb

Level 97 . Winter clothing scarf coat

Level 98 . Soft cotton fur

Level 99 . Bodies of freshwater river pond

Level 100 . In the ear drum canal

For version 1.0.3 and up:

81. On a Keyboard: tab enter

82. “Soft”: fur cotton

83. For the Gardener: manure

84. In the Desert: dunes

85. Legal Terms: jury trial

86. In the Bar: beer smoke

87. Green Things: frog

88. In the Ear: canal drum

89. Used During War: bomb tank

90. Back ______: door

91. On a Car: wiper

92. Directions: east north

93. Winter Clothing: coat

94. Bodies of Fresh Water: pond river

95. You Can Roll It: dice ball

96. Summertime: hot

97. It’s Sweet: sugar

98. Playing Pool: rack cue

99. In the Tree: leaf

100. In Cold Weather: icy

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