Word Whizzle Ostrich Answers

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Word Whizzle Ostrich Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 241: Music : Chord Note Bar Beat

Level 242: In A Book : Index Tale Pages

Level 243: Alone : Deserted One Lone

Level 244: In The Classroom : Map Teacher Ipad

Level 245: Animal Sounds : Buzz Yelp Oink Roar

Level 246: The Human Head : Ear Lip Brow Hair

Level 247: Brass Instruments : Tuba Sax Trombone

Level 248: Religious Symbols : Monorah Star Cross

Level 249: Moving Day : Packing Van Stress

Level 250: Circus : Net Clown Tent Ring

Level 251: On A Chessboard : Moves King Bishop

Level 252: Cooking Items : Knead Mix Simmer

Level 253: In The Workplace : Sales Boss Salary

Level 254: Landforms : Hill Basin Bay Mesa

Level 255: Greek Food : Baklava Gyro Pita

Level 256: Alcoholic Beverages : Beer Vodka Rum Gin

Level 257: The Police : Cop Ticket Officer

Level 258: Deadly Snakes : Rattlesnake Cobra

Level 259: Spice : Clove Cumin Curry

Level 260: In Spring : Rain Tulip Melt May

Level 241 . Time periods Decade Century Eon

Level 242 . Watercraft Boat Ship Raft Sub

Level 243 . Construction jobs Plumber Carpenter

Level 244 . Christmas dinner Gravy Turkey Pie

Level 245 . Transportation verbs Fly Drive Sail Ride

Level 246 . Punctuation Comma Colon Period

Level 247 . Meat Beef Pork Bacon

Level 248 . Medical terms Syringe Stitches

Level 249 . Summer Olympic events Diving Gymnastics

Level 250 . At the seashore Shell Surfer Waves

Level 251 . Words on signs Exit Stop Closed

Level 252 . Interjections Hey Shh Yay Wow

Level 253 . Valentine’s Day Cupid Heart Love

Level 254 . Places around town Hotel Zoo Gym Store

Level 255 . Criminal offenses Fraud Arson Murder

Level 256 . On an airplane Aisle Passenger

Level 257 . Weather events Blizzard Tornado

Level 258 . Beer vocabulary Hops Head Suds

Level 259 . Keyboard symbols Plus Asterisk At

Level 260 . Found along the road Gutter Litter

For version 1.0.3 and up:

241. Alcoholic Beverages: gin vodka rum

242. The Police: arrest cop badge

243. Deadly Snakes: asp cobra mamba

244. Spice: pepper clove salt

245. In Spring: melt tulip may rain

246. On a Chessboard: rook bishop queen

247. Cooking Terms: saute kneed fry

248. In the Workplace: boss sales salary

249. Landforms: basin hill bay mesa

250. Greek Food: gyro baklava pita

251. The Human Head: eye ear cheek hair

252. Brass Instruments: trumpet saxophone

253. Religious Symbols: menorah cross star

254. Moving Day: truck boxes stress

255. Circus: ring net clown

256. Music: note scale beat bar

257. In a Book: text index tittle

258. “Alone”: only deserted solo

259. In the Classroom: globe desk teacher

260. Animal Sounds: buzz baa roar

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