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Word Whizzle Search Champion 21

396. Cosmetics: Concealer Eyeshadow Eyeliner Mascara Powder Rouge

397. Volcanoes: Eruption Dust Magma Lava Ash

398. Old Testament Books: Leviticus Proverbs Numbers Genesis Exodus Kings

399. Gymnastics Terms: Handstand Dismount Leotard Vault Beam

400. Rodents Porcupine Gerbil Beaver Mouse Rat Gopher

401. Horrific Characters: Dracula Mummy Nosferatu Chucky Freddy Monster Hannibal

402. Cities in Asia: Beijing Jerusalem Tokyo Bangkok Calcutta Jakarta Manila Dubai

403. Authors Dickens Woolf: Austen Shakespeare Twain Plath Poe

404. Well-Known Composers: Beethoven Mozart Bach Handel Gershwin Brahms Chopin Haydn

405. Famous Bands of the 90s: Nirvana Radiohead Metallica Oasis Weezer REM Bush

406. States in America: Washington Nevada Utah Alabama Arizona Oregon Wyoming Missouri

407. Fast Food Items: Hamburger Pizza Fries Soda Taco Wings Shake

408. In the Desert: Cactus Oasis Dune Lizard Heat Sand Camel Yucca

409. Vegetables Grown Under the Ground: Potato Carrot Onion Radish Beet Jicama Parsnip

410. Famous Jazz Musicians: Fitzgerald Davis Parker Tatum Monk Holiday Brubeck Goodman

411. The World’s Oceans and Seas: Caribbean Pacific Atlantic Indian Baltic Arabian Bering

412. Meteorological Words: Hurricane Humidity Frost Thunder Lightning Cumulus Thunder Frost

413. Gems: Turquoise Opal Sapphire Ruby Diamond Jade Onyx

414. Well-Known U.S Cities: Pittsburgh Houston Detroit Dallas Chicago Cleveland Nashville Memphis

415. English Grammar Parts of Speech: Conjunction Adjective Contraction Verb Noun Adverb Pronoun

416. Greek Mythology: Aphrodite Phoenix Zeus Centaur Hera Ambrosia Dionysus Hades

417. Arctic Animals: Polarbear Orca Seal Beluga Walrus Narwhal Caribou

418. World Mountains: Kilimanjaro McKinley Everest Fuji Rainier Elbrus Olympus Matterhorn

419. The Human Brain: Cerebellum Knowledge Memory Neurons Logic BrainStem Emotion

420. Onomatopoeia Words: Clickclack Kerplunk Kaboom Wheeze Thump Ring Sniff Meow

421. Fantasy Creature: Leprechaun Sasquatch Mermaid Ogre Fairy Cyclops Troll

422. American Authors: Fitzgerald Hemingway Faulkner Salinger Kerouac Cooper Steinbeck Capote

423. Horses Secretariat: Clydesdale Appaloosa Trigger Mustang Arabian

424. World Deserts: Chihuahuan Kalahari Arabian Gobi Mojave Sonoran Nubian Sahara

425. Rulers of the Roman Empire: MarcAntony Caligula Tiberius Titus Caesar Nero Augustus

426. Egypt: Tutankhamen Hieroglyphs Nefertiti Papyrus Sphinx Pyramid Rameses Mummy

427. Musicals: Brigadoon Godspell Cats Hair Chicago Annie Evita

428. Architectural Styles: Romanesque Victorian Medieval Baroque Greek ArtNouveau Gothic Islamic

429. Geometry: Pythagoras Radius Scalene Vertex Area Rhombus Congruent

430. Look Up: Skyscraper Fireworks Clouds Rainbow Moon Haze Treetop

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