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Word Whizzle Search National Champion 27

626. Zoology: Amphibian Hibernate Vertebrate Larva Marten Parasitic Phylum Vulture

627. Asian Cities: Shanghai Jakarta Bangkok Pyongyang Taipei Manila Macau Ankara

628. Starts with “H”: Heist Hemorrhage Hitchhiker Hospitable Hurry Honeymooner Humiliating Hyperlink

629. Types of Government: Monarchy Republic Aristocracy Democracy Oligarchy Anarchy

630. Ships: Titanic Tanker Bismarck Mayflower Bounty Clipper Frigate

631. Shakespeare’s Women: Ophelia Juliet Bianca Portia Desdemona Regan

632. The 20th Century: Chernobyl Thatcher Hindenburg Depression Email Cellphone

633. Education: Lesson Assessment Instruct Pupil Examination

634. World Series Seven: National Baseball Tournament American Champions

635. Business Industry Export Manufacture Supply Scale Factory Outsource

636. Sculpture Nefertiti Marble David Donatello Relief Chisel Mold Statue

637. Native Americans: Indigenous Apache Headdress Totem Tomahawk Moccasin Wikiup

638. “Jacks” of All Trades: Nicholson Kerouac London Johnson Benny

639. Apartment Living Landlord Tenant Lease Sublet Stairs Deposit

640. U.S Cities: Cleveland Detroit Phoenix Sacramento Denver Charlotte Milwaukee

641. Travel: Passport Luggage Cruise Tour Customs

642. Five-Letter Words: Wreck Acorn Delta Slant Major Mixup Lemon Botch

643. Women Authors: Austen Morrison Atwood Christie Lee Wharton Angelou

644. Cartoons: Animate Newspaper Commentary Sketch Political Caricature Caption

645. Holidays Festive Celebration Hanukah Easter Gifts Carnival Ramadan

646. Conquerors: Alexander Vikings Attila Charlemagne Genghis Augustus Napoleon Barbarians

647. Movie Talk Extra: Action Scene Producer Dolly Cameo Gaffer Sequel

648. Begins with “L”: Lancet Licorice Lockdown Liberator Loincloth Litigation Loudspeaker Livelihood

649. “Books”: Bookworm Audiobook Pocketbook Bookshelves Bookseller Bookshop

650. Vice Presidents: Gore Cheney Ford Truman Roosevelt Fillmore Burr Adams

651. Spain: Dali Tapas Madrid Basque Matador

652. Legends Hero: Arthur Oral Myth Bigfoot Beowulf Fable

653. Comes With a “Can”: Hurricane Scandal Republican Lycanthrope Incantation Applicant Cantaloupe Cannonball

654. Hitchcock Director Psycho Hedren Vertigo Bates Notorious Birds

655. English Literature: Bronte Middlemarch Orwell Chaucer Victorian

656. The Calendar: August Timekeeping Dates Schedule Grid

657. Take a Bath: Loofah Bubbles Soak Bathtub Sitz

658. Language: Diction Lingo Jargon Speech Dialogue

659. Japan: Sushi Shogun Anime Samurai Tokyo

660. First Aid: Bandage Antiseptic Mend Wound Peroxide Nurse

661. White House: Oval Washington Security Avenue Tours President

662. Colonial: America Puritans Mercantile Plantation Slavery Roanoke Settler

663. Number Please: Twelve Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Million Seventeen Forty

664. Ben Franklin: Philly Turkey Almanac Founder Printer Declaration

665. World of Fashion: Sombrero Sarong Turban Kilt Kimono Muumuu Sari Dirndl

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