Word Whizzle Unicorn Answers

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Word Whizzle Unicorn Answers

Level 1131: I Love “U” : Unscrupulous Unifoliolate

Level 1132: Other British Isles : Guernsey Akrotiri Anguilla

Level 1133: Health & Medicine : Conjunctiva Bilious Anemia

Level 1134: Across Time : Pleistocene Erathem Archean

Level 1135: Names From The Past : Saladin Hippocrates Cicero

Level 1136: “E” Bay : Ecclesiastes Effervescent

Level 1137: Science : Deuterium Cantilever Neuron

Level 1138: “A” Word Or Two : Actinomycete Ameliorative

Level 1139: Near The River Styx : Phlegethon Cocytus Acheron

Level 1140: Divisions On A Map : District Parish Quarter Acre

Level 1141: At The Beginn”Ing” : Ingratiation Ingloriously

Level 1142: Heteronyms : Recreation Deliberate Rebel

Level 1143: Prehistoric Fauna : Diplodocus Iguanodon Khaan

Level 1144: Spanish Inquisition : Torquemada Familiars Abono

Level 1145: More Word Words : Euphemism Bromide Etymology

Level 1146: Put The “L” Is Atlas : Ljubljana Lanzhou Lausanne

Level 1147: Watcha Drinkin’? : Cosmopolitan Greyhound

Level 1148: At The Mint : Bullion Anvil Copper Hammer

Level 1149: How Instrumental : Sitar Baryton Stylophone

Level 1150: Cityscape : Hamoukar Longyearbyen Oujda

Level 1151: Double Letters : Dumbbell Broccoli Qawwali

Level 1152: Only One Vowel : Strength Schmaltz Borscht

Level 1153: Getting On Your Nerves : Ulnar Olfactory Sciatica

Level 1154: Wordsmiths Named James : Dickey Clavell Thurber

Level 1155: States Of Mind : Delirium Psychosis Mania

Level 1156: Grouped Together : Pod Congregation Syndicate

Level 1157: Mythological Name Game : Pollux Hydra Hypnos Cerberus

Level 1158: “Tu” Much : Turbocharger Tuberculosis

Level 1159: Inside Constellations : Coolant Colonial Consistent

Level 1160: The “S” In Shakespeare : Solinus Saturninus Seleucus

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