Word Whizzle Whale Answers

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Word Whizzle Whale Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 421: That Smells : Stink Skunk Garlic Fish Feet

Level 422: It’S Red : Cardinal Ruby Cherry Blood

Level 423: Eating Utensils : Chopstick Hands Spoon Knife

Level 424: The Harbor : Dock Anchor Sails Boaters

Level 425: Under The : Bridge Gun Weather Table Rose

Level 426: April Fool’S Day : Fun Prank April Joke First

Level 427: U.S. States : Alaska Florida Missouri

Level 428: Root Veggies : Yam Spud Carrot Onion Turnip

Level 429: In The Forest : Maple Redwood Pine Ash Oak

Level 430: Nouns That Are Verbs : Cup Bargain Showcase Fire

Level 431: On The Christmas Tree : Tinsel Angel Ornament Lights

Level 432: Things Found In Rows : Pupils Chairs Kernels Teeth

Level 433: Composers : Bach Beethoven Brahms Mozart

Level 434: “Hidden” : Secluded Latent Veiled

Level 435: Human Personalities : Grumpy Naïve Kind Selfish

Level 436: Have A Seat! : Couch Stool Throne Sofa Chair

Level 437: Beach Wear : Hat Sunscreen Glasses Bikini

Level 438: Fabric : Cotton Denim Silk Wool Nylon

Level 439: “On The…” : Make Fence Road Ball Move

Level 440: _____Room : Bath Head Back Bed Board

Level 421 . In the forest Pine Oak Redwood Maple Ash

Level 422 . People Non-Family Friend Pal Stranger Buddy

Level 423 . That smells Garbage Skunk Feet Onion Fish

Level 424 . Eating Utensils Fork Spoon Fingers Chopstick

Level 425 . On a wheel Spokes Rubber Tread Rim

Level 426 . Baking Flour Dough Proof Yeast Rise

Level 427 . Root Veggies Potato Onion Carrot Yam

Level 428 . The Harbor Boats Seal Anchor Ripples

Level 429 . Shy Timid Coy Wary Bashful Demure

Level 430 . Fishing Hook Patience Line Rod Reel

Level 431 . In the Dark Moment Zone Loop

Level 432 . U.S States California Nevada Florida

Level 433 . The Forest Trees Hikers Fern Bear Deer

Level 434 . In the Hospital Nurse Patient Surgery Birth

Level 435 . It’s red Cardinal Tomato Ruby Blood

Level 436 . April Fool’s Day Joke Prank April Silly Trick

Level 437 . The Night Sky Comet Saturn Moon Star Dark

Level 438 . Rocks Granite Marble Quartz Flint

Level 439 . Nouns that are verbs Drink Fire Display Bargain

Level 440 . Under the Weather Table Gun Bridge Rose

For version 1.0.3 and up:

421. Musical Genres: Pop Classical Jazz Dance Rock

422. Solitary Activities: Prayer Reading Sudoku

423. Famous American Writers: Frost Poe Hemingway Twain

424. Winter Sports: Bobsled Skiing Hockey

425. You can write with that: Chalk Pencil Text Pen Crayon

426. It Follows You: Footprints Shadow Name

427. Crooked: Curved Winding Twisted

428. Chemical Elements: Oxygen Nitrogen Lead Carbon

429. Playing Cards: Spade Ace Numbers King Jack

430. In the Dark: Moonlight Bat Vampire Owl

431. The Bathroom: Towel Curtain Shower Shampoo

432. From the Cow: Meat Cream Cheese Milk

433. Dance the Night Away: Disco Boogie Waltz Swing

434. Fractions Quarter: Fifth Half Third

435. Farm Equipment: Tractor Forklift Baler Plow

436. Uni____: Corn Cycle Verse

437. In the Pages of a Book: Characters Plot Index Climax

438. In a Gym: Treadmill Sweat Weights

439. In a Shell: Crab Oyster Snail Turtle Yolk

440. World Rivers: Amazon Ganges Nile Thames

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