Word Whizzle Zebra Answers

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Word Whizzle Zebra Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 501: Smell Words : Odor Reek Scent Sniff Aroma

Level 502: Jobs In Entertainment : Actor Dancer Singer Musician

Level 503: American Football : Blitz Yards Tackle Punt Down

Level 504: Walk : Stroll Wade Amble Limp Ramble

Level 505: Natural Things Describing The Color Green : Apple Olive Mint Lime Seafoam

Level 506: Eating : Supper Lunch Snack Dinner

Level 507: Car Body Parts : Roof Door Hood Bumper Trunk

Level 508: Water Words : Sea Seep Dew Geyser Canal

Level 509: Cooking Methods : Steam Roast Boil Poach Fry

Level 510: In The Woodshop : Nail Wood Carving Ruler Dowel

Level 511: Geometry : Line Angle Area Radius Width

Level 512: Clouds : Rain Stratus Mushroom Cirrus

Level 513: Contianers : Sack Urn Dish Bottle Bin

Level 514: Emotional Characteristics : Shy Clever Calm Rude Kind

Level 515: Stringed Instruments : Guitar Bass Viola Banjo Cello

Level 516: Adults Only : Cigar Gambling Whisky Voting

Level 517: Simple : Snap Easy Facile Plain Cinch

Level 518: Found In The Snow : Flakes Footprints Santa Skis

Level 519: Served On Pasta : Sauce Cheese Alfredo Pesto

Level 520: Signals : Snap Whistle Alarm Wave

Level 501 . Famous rock bands Beatles Queen Kiss Oasis

Level 502 . On the Coast Pier Beach Tide Sea Rock Waves

Level 503 . Shape Up Cone Square Heart Star Circle

Level 504 . It dries Paint Air Glue Skin Sun Towel

Level 505 . Baby gear Diaper Bib Rattle Bottle Crib

Level 506 . On TV Drama Actor Ads Sitcom Hosts

Level 507 . In the fire Ash Wood Coal Flame Smoke Heat

Level 508 . Flat Even Thin Level Flush Smooth

Level 509 . Halloween Costumes Witch Zombie Ghost Pirate

Level 510 . On your pizza Olive Meat Sauce Cheese Onion

Level 511 . 1 Feathered Friends Crow Robin Raven Hawk Emu Kiwi

Level 512 . Vacation Destinations Beach Cabin Resort Hotel

Level 513 . 1 Italian Restaurant Pasta Wine Bread Menu Lasagna

Level 514 . At a Yard sale Bargain Books Furniture Lawn

Level 515 . By the Campfire Log Rock Chairs Heat Tent Bugs

Level 516 . Mixed Drinks Mojito Martini Daiquiri

Level 517 . Mythical Creatures Dragon Hydra Gollum Pegasus

Level 518 . Cooking sauces Mayo Marinara Alfredo Gravy

Level 519 . People shout this Stop Bingo Fire Fore Help Hey

Level 520 . Stacked Up Cards Chairs Wood Pancakes

For version 1.0.3 and up:

501. Stormy Weather: Wind Snow Rain Fog Sleet Hail

502. On the Roof: Chimney Santa Shingle Snow

503. Names in Science: Curie Hawking Newton Galileo

504. At the Checkout Counter: Till Receipt Cashier Credit

505. Fat: Lard Plump Husky Obese Chunky

506. Arts and Humanities: Theology History Drama Music

507. Female Family: Aunt Wife Niece Mom Sister

508. Hotels and Accommodations: Suite Sauna Gym Lobby Vacancy

509. On the Restaurant: Menu Rice Salad Curry Soup Steak

510. Metals Brass: Tin Zinc Steel Lead Iron

511. Plant Life: Weed Moss Ivy Tree Herb Flower

512. Mathematical Studies: Trig Proof Tangent Calculus

513. Common Adjectives: Fast Soft Slow Big Loud Good

514. In the Store: Basket Price Aisle Shelf Sale

515. Carnival: Rides Games Barker Sideshow

516. Retail Workers: Florist Cashier Baker Grocer

517. Places to Shop: Boutique Market Mall Store

518. Exercise: Yoga Train Run Lift Stretch

519. Musical Group: Choir Quartet Band Orchestra

520. College Quad: Campus Dorm Coed GPA Dean

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