Word Whizzle Duck Answers

  Word Whizzle Duck Answers

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Word Whizzle Duck Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 1: Animal : Cat

Level 2: Like Fire : Hot

Level 3: Eaten With Bacon : Egg

Level 4: On Your Foot : Toe

Level 5: Rodent : Rat

Level 6: Winter : Ice

Level 7: Water Creature : Eel

Level 8: Insect : Fly

Level 9: Damp : Wet

Level 10: Tree : Ash

Level 1 . Animal Cat

Level 2 . Insect Fly

Level 3 . Cold Ice

Level 4 . Beverage Milk

Level 5 . Hot Fire

Level 6 . Dog Wolf

Level 7 . Footwear Sock

Level 8 . Fish Tuna

Level 9 . Breakfast Eggs

Level 10 . Wet Rain

For version 1.0.3 and up:

1. Flower: rose

2. “Wet”: damp

3. Insect: bug

4. Water Creature: fish

5. Winter: cold

6. Animal: cat

7. On Your Foot: boot

8. Eaten with Toast: jam

9. Flame: fire

10. Cold Drink: soda

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