Word Whizzle Goat Answers

  Word Whizzle Goat Answers

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Word Whizzle Goat Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 41: Before Dinner : Appetizer

Level 42: Silent : Mute Mum

Level 43: Springtime Sights : Flowers

Level 44: Marsupial : Opossum

Level 45: On Stage : Rehearsal

Level 46: Quick Cooker : Microwave

Level 47: For The Birds : Beak Worm

Level 48: A Large Animal : Giraffe

Level 49: On The Work Desk : Computer

Level 50: Inside The Body : Organ Vein

Level 51: Winter Gear : Coat Scarf

Level 52: Found On A Book Cover : Subtitle

Level 53: On A Clock Face : Dial Time

Level 54: At The Farm : Farmer Hay

Level 55: Stereo Equipment : Speakers

Level 56: Drinks For A Cold Day : Cocoa Tea

Level 57: On Your Phone : Cattle Hay

Level 58: To Toss : Lob Heave

Level 59: Extreme Weather : Hurricane

Level 60: Found In The Garden : Pest Soil

Level 41 . Transportation Bike Boat

Level 42 . In the air plane bird

Level 43 . Christmas Santa gift

Level 44 . To cook bake boil

Level 45 . In the ocean whale ship

Level 46 . Cooking tool ladle pot

Level 47 . Fishing net pole

Level 48 . Large instruments piano harp

Level 49 . After the sunset stars dark

Level 50 . In the garden grass bird

Level 51 . Measurements inch foot

Level 52 . To divide slice cut

Level 53 . On the head hood hat

Level 54 . Dessert cake pie

Level 55 . Exercise jog situps

Level 56 . Music jazz rock

Level 57 . Chess pieces rook pawn

Level 58 . Parts of speech verb noun

Level 59 . It’s sticky honey tape

Level 60 . On the foot shoe boot

For version 1.0.3 and up:

41. Shoes: heel clog

42. On a Ruler: inch digit

43. Found at Sea: buoy ship

44. Types of Music: blues pop

45. At Dusk: sunset

46. Exercise: curl squat

47. In a Tree: apple nest

48. To Cook: fry simmer

49. Worn in the Hair: braid bow

50. Used in the Kitchen: spatula

51. Lives Underground: worm mole

52. Water Transportation: raft

53. After-Dinner Treat: dessert

54. It’s Said: word noun

55. Large Instruments: tuba organ

56. Sticky Food: gum jelly

57. “Split”: divide cut

58. On a Fishing Pole: line hook

59. In a Chess Set: queen pawn

60. On a Rooster: beak comb

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