Word Whizzle Sheep Answers

  Word Whizzle Sheep Answers

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Word Whizzle Sheep Answers

Version 1.0.7

Level 101: On A Keyboard : Backspace

Level 102: Comfortable : Cushy Snug

Level 103: For The Gardener : Rake Mower

Level 104: In The Desert : Sand Cacti

Level 105: Legal Professional : Attorney

Level 106: On The Map : Road Town

Level 107: Green Things : Money Leaf

Level 108: In The Ear : Wax Sound

Level 109: During Peacetime : Armistice

Level 110: Back ___ : Pack Stab

Level 111: On A Car : Hood Wheel

Level 112: Directions : South West

Level 113: Winter Clothing : Gloves Hat

Level 114: Bodies Of Fresh Water : Lake River

Level 115: You Can Roll It : Dough Dice

Level 116: Summertime : Hot Sun

Level 117: Overly Sweet : Cloying

Level 118: Playing Pool : Stick Felt

Level 119: In The Tree : Nest Limb

Level 120: In Cold Weather : Frost Ice

Level 101 . Insects Fly Bug Bee

Level 102 . At sea Waves Ship

Level 103 . Winter Ice Snow

Level 104 . Numbers one two ten

Level 105 . Connected Internet

Level 106 . It’s on the top Tip Lid Cap

Level 107 . Young child Tot Kid Boy

Level 108 . Four-wheeled Transportation Car Bus Van

Level 109 . Genuine Real Pure

Level 110 . Solo Single one

Level 111 . Not good Bad Poor

Level 112 . To contain Trap Jail

Level 113 . A dwelling Den Hut Pad

Level 114 . Quickly Fast Rapid

Level 115 . Hold down Pin Clamp

Level 116 . Outer edge Tip Top Rim

Level 117 . Up______ Beat Keep

Level 118 . Above and around you Sky Sun Air

Level 119 . Go that way Up Left Aft

Level 120 . Reach out and “Touch” someone Tap Pat Hit

For version 1.0.3 and up:

101. Months Abrev.: oct dec aug

102. “Orderly”: tidy neat

103. “Drink”: imbibe sip

104. Large Birds: condor emu

105. Young Male: boy lad son

106. Verbs That “Move”: fly go run

107. Take a _____: step break

108. You Can Drink Out of It: can mug cup

109. Internet Domains: gov org com

110. It Flies: bee drone

111. The Passage of Time: day hour

112. It’s “New”: now today

113. Tiny Bugs: flea tick

114. In the Family: dad mom son

115. On Your Computer: os app icon

116. It’s Placed on Your Head: pat cap hat

117. Onomatopoeia: pow bam pop

118. “Turn” It: spin crank

119. Outer Edge: top rim tip

120. Young Child: kid tot boy

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